A New Beginning!

Abstract Art, mandala

I’m finally back! It looks like art won out over surgery and even crafts. I’m ashamed to say that I have not been following other people’s work but I hope to change that now that I’ve more or less sorted myself out.

For today I have an art work that I made with my laptop with an app. called Mandala Maker. One can buy it inline. It’s not free but I’ve had a lot of use out of it.

Here is tonight’s offering:

a new beginning

A Big Sniff!

Abstract Art, Commentary on My Art, Sketch

I thought just to relax and fool around in Paint–I meant to draw the rings of Saturn. But my computer suggested a long nose–oh-oh! this is not good. Then I tried another shorter curved line and maybe you guessed it–I got a nostril–now don’t worry it doesn’t get gross. ┬áThe next curved lines formed a small figure-eight under the nose. I’m sorry, to my poor mind it suggested a bow-tie. So I went on from there and finished the drawing.

I mean no social commentary that I can really put my finger on. It’s just something that popped out. If anything it’s a cliche funny–sorry.


Eager for Spring– Apricot blossoms and buds.

Realism, Sketch, Uncategorized

Public Domain photos can be a great source of inspiration when one can’t get out easily or it’s the wrong time of year. I put myself among apricot blossoms for close to an hour and here I’m going to share them with you– my drawing and the photo so if you chose you can have a taste of spring–maybe with your own sketch or painting.