B&W Mandala

Abstract Art, mandala

Now here is something to meditate on! Although yesterday’s mandala was a lot lighter and delicate to contemplate as a dear friend of mine described it. I was really doubtful I could pullĀ  it off. You see the website gave me a floral mandala to color. I felt like Mortia from the TV series The Adams Family. For those who remember it. Anyway here it is as I said I would:

b&w. maandalaa

I’m back!

Colored Pictures, Fantasy

I’ve been busy learning how to use my new Surface Pro 4 and I’ve finally come up for air.

It looks like the people I follow have all been very creative and I’ve spent the last 2 1/2 hours looking at all the art, which is mostly what I follow that I have met through my blog.

I haven’t done any new art work on this new pc yet but I do have a colored illustration to show you. Here it is:


A Lighter Moment

Colored Pictures

My cold is finally breaking up. I can breath freely again. I think it was the pint of cherry tomatoes my younger sister bought for me! I ate almost the whole thing in one sitting.

Unfortunately there is a temporary lull in the art work. No telling how long it will last. It comes in spurts. So in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my colored pictures. Those are always in the works so there’s a good backlog of them.

This one is one is one of my favorites and it was the hardest to do. I mean to get the color balance right. See if you like it!


Blue Vase and Flowers