Doodle Art!

Abstract Art, Doodles

It looks like I have a new form of painting–new to me that is. I haven’t had the pleasure since  I was  bored  in school. Tonight I kept myself amused for an hour and a half.  Technology when it works well is a lot of fun. As  I gain experience with the Surface Pro 4 and the graphic apps I use I hope to see more finesse and varied techniques. One can always hope…

So tonight here is my first doodle–comments welcome:

new abstract

B&W Mandala

Abstract Art, mandala

Now here is something to meditate on! Although yesterday’s mandala was a lot lighter and delicate to contemplate as a dear friend of mine described it. I was really doubtful I could pull  it off. You see the website gave me a floral mandala to color. I felt like Mortia from the TV series The Adams Family. For those who remember it. Anyway here it is as I said I would:

b&w. maandalaa

New Mandala!


Hi! I couldn’t work on the mandalas for a few weeks because I was having problems with my Surface Pro 4 Pen but now I’m up and running. What I have for you today is a color combination I’ve used before but in this case I’ve used white as one of the colors–for the background and on the inside. The next one may be completely black and white. No more delay–here is today’s: