A New Beginning!

Abstract Art, mandala

I’m finally back! It looks like art won out over surgery and even crafts. I’m ashamed to say that I have not been following other people’s work but I hope to change that now that I’ve more or less sorted myself out.

For today I have an art work that I made with my laptop with an app. called Mandala Maker. One can buy it inline. It’s not free but I’ve had a lot of use out of it.

Here is tonight’s offering:

a new beginning

A little low.

Felt Craft

Sorry to say I haven’t been blogging or commenting because I’ve been a bit depressed. There are two possible surgeries coming up and I’m not looking forward to it. One is for a torn rottaror cuff in the right shoulder the other is my right thumb from holding all the things I work on. It’s really out of shape in two joints. Just that one is a three month recovery. They may not be able to fix the shoulder. It may be too much time has passed.

But I’m going to have the two problems evaluated by the surgeons and take it from there. I’m going to call this morning. So that much is decided.

I do have something to show tonight. I have the Four Calling Bird ornament done and a little picture to show how small the pieces of felt I work with. Here goes:


Black and White period continued.

Abstract Art, geometry, past art

A little more of the same with a different art work of course!

The “4 calling birds” ornament of the Twelve days of Christmas felt ornament set is almost done–a few more days and I’ll have something to show you. I also have a table runner in progress but that is probably 2 weeks to a month away from completion.

Re-arranged my work area tonight so that my largest standing lamp is to the side and a little behind to the right of my recliner that I work in (I have a really tough life). I’m left handed so the light falls just right for my sewing–works good with the laptop too.

Enough chatter! Here is tonight’s art work:


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Snow Leopard Trust


Just thought I’d give this important subject a “little” more exposure on the blogs. Sue

Art By Miriam

snow leopard scan WPress

Art By Miriam takes the time to talk about Snow Leopard Trust.  It is an organization that protects the endangered snow leopard through research and community based programs.  It is their belief that if they educate herders about the snow leopards needs and behaviors then they can protect the snow leopard from hunters and from interaction with camels or other farm animals.

Snow Leopard Trust is active in five key snow leopard range countries in Central Asia:  China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mongolia and Pakistan.  The organization empowers people who live in areas where snow leopards live to help protect their local wildlife and the environment they live in.  Herders live in the same environment as the snow leopard and make less than $2 per day.  Sometimes the herders kill the snow leopard to protect their herds but also to poach the animal.  Through education and outreach of conservation programs this poor…

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