Snow Leopard Trust


Just thought I’d give this important subject a “little” more exposure on the blogs. Sue

Art By Miriam

snow leopard scan WPress

Art By Miriam takes the time to talk about Snow Leopard Trust.  It is an organization that protects the endangered snow leopard through research and community based programs.  It is their belief that if they educate herders about the snow leopards needs and behaviors then they can protect the snow leopard from hunters and from interaction with camels or other farm animals.

Snow Leopard Trust is active in five key snow leopard range countries in Central Asia:  China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mongolia and Pakistan.  The organization empowers people who live in areas where snow leopards live to help protect their local wildlife and the environment they live in.  Herders live in the same environment as the snow leopard and make less than $2 per day.  Sometimes the herders kill the snow leopard to protect their herds but also to poach the animal.  Through education and outreach of conservation programs this poor…

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A Curious Stare Pastel


Miriam Is a very gifted artist. It is a pleasure to see her work on her blog’s. Thank you Miriam for blogging and for the beautiful art work. We are all the better for it.

Art By Miriam

A Curious Stare wordpress

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her A Curious Stare pastel painting.  The eyes of the red fox look curiously at you as if asking a question.

This pastel painting has a red fox of reds and beige in the middle ground with a black background.  I may do this painting on black paper one day.  I did not have the exact rust red of a fox and had to make do with what I had.  At first the colors of the fox were too stark, then I added a red brown overall and it looked better.  I painted this painting because of the eyes.  The eyes of an animal are what a person is drawn to.  This one has a curious stare.  My daughter loves foxes so this one’s for her.

This painting soothed me and relieved anxiety.  I had an anxious morning with demons of today haunting…

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Little Blue Butterfly–digital pastel

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Blue Butterfly


I am so happy!! It’s just that it starts to feel like I’m getting the feel of pastel again with my graphics tablet. I did this little butterfly that feels like my first real success in realistic art in a long time. And I enjoyed doing it.

On another topic I opened my email and saw that many of you that I have been following have been busy and posted. When I get done here I’m going to relax and look and see whats been happening.