A little low.

Felt Craft

Sorry to say I haven’t been blogging or commenting because I’ve been a bit depressed. There are two possible surgeries coming up and I’m not looking forward to it. One is for a torn rottaror cuff in the right shoulder the other is my right thumb from holding all the things I work on. It’s really out of shape in two joints. Just that one is a three month recovery. They may not be able to fix the shoulder. It may be too much time has passed.

But I’m going to have the two problems evaluated by the surgeons and take it from there. I’m going to call this morning. So that much is decided.

I do have something to show tonight. I have the Four Calling Bird ornament done and a little picture to show how small the pieces of felt I work with. Here goes:


A Little Out of Season

Commentary on My Art, Felt Craft

You may notice that I changed the wording of my blog a little. It’s a little more inclusive of other projects I take on besides art. I also do a variety of sewing crafts that I donate to Catholic Charities Maine, USA that are raffled off to raise funds for programs all over the state.

One of my projects is the Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments in felt by Bucilla (a popular manufacturer of felt kits). I have three of the twelve done and I have the 3rd one to show you today. It’s the Three French Hens. It’s the 1st picture I’ve taken with my Surface Pro. I could even do some basic editing.

After I get done here I’m going to get a little breakfast than look at everything everyone else has been doing. It’s so exciting to get to know people on the blogs.

Thank you all for your likes and comments it’s a lot of fun and very encouraging!

3 French Hens