Sue Morin

Bio: Hi, A little about me. I'm a single 65 year old married to the arts with not much room for much else. But I do like to have some fun within that parameter. Mostly I am self-taught but let me say that I am very observant. I like the drawings of DaVinci and I did do some Life drawing but it's not much appreciated in my family. Growing up at a young age I copied large images of Walt Disney cartoons. Then I did drawing from Still Life and Outdoors. I still like to sketch. Then came the oil paints that I liked a lot. I never got use to acrylic. It always was glue in my hands. What I really fell in love with was pastel. I'm working on one now to show you soon. I'm doing it on my graphics tablet and I like the feel of it in ArtRage. Lately I've been into geometry a lot and just plain coloring in adult coloring books to relax. Mostly Dover Publishing. They have wonderful coloring books. I like blogging 'cause I get to share my work and see what other folks are up to. And it doesn't take a lot of time which is something I don't have much of although I'd like more comments. I've left a few when I've felt I had something to say. I don't want to be a blabbermouth. That's about it. See you around!

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