I Think I Can, I think I can— i think i can….

Abstract Art, Commentary on My Art, The Etsy Shop

This is what I need to keep in mind as I develop the drawings and paintings. I really like non-objective for the freedom it gives me in my circumstance. I need to work on the graphics pad and the laptop. I can do realism but I find it no fun at all.

Geometrics are FUN to do. I’m free to create and discover relationships and try whatever I can think up or make happen. I like that a lot. It has great value for me personally.

For tonight I’m, going to show you something I made happen. I had no idea what it was going to be. I used the horizontal and vertical symmetry in Sketch Pro and did a free hand drawing of shapes then colored them in carefully with paint bucket to bet the fluorescent look I wanted.

These are not finished works that go in my shop on Etsy they are just studies so I can learn what I’m about.

Here Is the study:



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